Monday, 19 November 2018


Amanda Selinder, fiber artist, has been collecting pigments and mushrooms near the residence for natural dyeing. She has planned her residence as a period for color research.
Up: She made a biofilm where she has been growing a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.
Collecting mushrooms nearby Calle Mayor 54Phellodon Niger (Black tooth), Hydnellum Concrescence (Zoned tooth) and Tricholomopsis Decora (Stubbmusseron).  She says: "These mushrooms are not edible, but, they are great to use as a natural dye. I've been experimenting using different kind of mordants and different kind of fabrics, to see how the mushroom dye react. It's an experimental process, where, I really want to understand and get to know this interesting mushrooms."
Amanda in her studio at Lumbier shows us what she is doing:
The colors extracted, as a sort of Lumbier mushrooms color chart.
She concludes: "In my artistic practice, I try to find another direction and approach. I try to reject the Cartesian dualistic tradition, where the human is seen as separated from the nature, where the humans are seen as the subject and the non-humans as the object. I want to start over; be challenged; find other alternative directions. I want to find another approach to this delicate and living unit, which we all are, a part of humans and non-humans."

Friday, 16 November 2018


Lucia during her horizon line set up on the stone dunes, 'moon landscape' nearby Lumbier.
"Horizon 04", blue fabric, 30x624cm, Lucia Marchesin.
She has a red line and a blue line. She has previously used both in different sort of landscapes. Her idea is to fit in the line on the landscape, a sort of natural shape underline.
 Her landart installations are ephemerals. They stay only for one day or for a few hours.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


After considerable renovation work, there is a new space at Calle Mayor 54 to be used as gallery-room to display artist artworks. Just a place to exhibit and photograph; although not open to the public.
Expensive window versus cheaper window dilemma.