Wednesday 12 December 2018


It is possible to purchase only the house, or, the house + the artist residence project.

Monday 19 November 2018


Amanda Selinder, fiber artist, has been collecting pigments and mushrooms near the residence for natural dyeing. She has planned her residence as a period for color research.
Up: She made a biofilm where she has been growing a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.
Collecting mushrooms nearby Calle Mayor 54Phellodon Niger (Black tooth), Hydnellum Concrescence (Zoned tooth) and Tricholomopsis Decora (Stubbmusseron).  She says: "These mushrooms are not edible, but, they are great to use as a natural dye. I've been experimenting using different kind of mordants and different kind of fabrics, to see how the mushroom dye react. It's an experimental process, where, I really want to understand and get to know this interesting mushrooms."
Amanda in her studio at Lumbier shows us what she is doing:
The colors extracted, as a sort of Lumbier mushrooms color chart.
She concludes: "In my artistic practice, I try to find another direction and approach. I try to reject the Cartesian dualistic tradition, where the human is seen as separated from the nature, where the humans are seen as the subject and the non-humans as the object. I want to start over; be challenged; find other alternative directions. I want to find another approach to this delicate and living unit, which we all are, a part of humans and non-humans."

Friday 16 November 2018


Lucia during her horizon line set up on the stone dunes, 'moon landscape' nearby Lumbier.
"Horizon 04", blue fabric, 30x624cm, Lucia Marchesin.
She has a red line and a blue line. She has previously used both in different sort of landscapes. Her idea is to fit in the line on the landscape, a sort of natural shape underline.
 Her landart installations are ephemerals. They stay only for one day or for a few hours.

Wednesday 7 November 2018


After considerable renovation work, there is a new space at Calle Mayor 54 to be used as gallery-room to display artist artworks. Just a place to exhibit and photograph; although not open to the public.
Expensive window versus cheaper window dilemma.

Thursday 25 October 2018


"Horizon 03"30x850 cm fabric at the Lumbier gorge, Lucia Marchesin.
Lucia Marchesin (Italy, 1993) is one of the Autumn artists-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54. She is a land art artist. She is continuing a previous project on the horizon line here, at Lumbier.

Lucia's map. This are all the places she reached... by foot! She made a walking calendar for this Autumn. She has been looking for locations for her project about the horizon line. She says she wants to create something that can reach the same sense of the silence of nature.
Lucia is a super mountain girl (actually, she comes from the Dolomites). The most surprising thing about her process is how nature observation, exercise and art are indissoluble.
The latest she daily leaves home is 8 am. She daily climbs several kilometres effortless.
Lucia doing the horizon line laundry on the terrace.
 Set up at Lumbier gorge.

Thursday 19 July 2018


Amanda Selinder, "Intertwined bodies"
Autumn 2018 artists-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54:
Amanda Selinder (Sweden, 1990)

Lucia Marchesin (Italy, 1993)

And curator Gema de Castro Santos (Spain, 1983)

A brief introduction about coming artists-in-residence...

Amanda Selinder, "Intertwined bodies" (up & down photos)

Amanda Selinder is a natural dyer and fiber artist. She works with fermentation processes and cultures of microorganism. She says, she is questioning in her performances, if our body is just an extension of the bacterial culture. Most of her work is related to visualize what we normally don’t see or think about, but, is crucial for the human existence.

Amanda Selinder, "A thin membrane, a pellicle"
Amanda Selinder, "Indigo human body" (up)
"The growing kombucha project" (up) and "Natural dyes performance" (down)

Lucia Marchesin creates ephemeral landart pieces which involve some sort of action.

Lucia Marchesin, "Dehesa project" 
Lucia Marchesin, "Encounter" (down)
Lucia Marchesin, "L'attessa"(up) and "Avvolgimento" (down)

Gema de Castro Santos is interested in working with artists from different nationalities and backgrounds, weaving an art network to form a common idea of support and development of artists. Her work is focused on Time, Communication and Transformation using independent project spaces and galleries.