Saturday 14 October 2017


"Foz meat", Constantin Hartenstein
Constantin Hartenstein -artist in residence at Calle Mayor 54- is working on two projects now.
One of them is a video called "Love wars", based on a letter exchange between a couple divided by the Berlin wall from 1987-89. Chosen lines from the letters are extracted and re-arranged to become a film script. 

Love letters at his studio
He wants to portray the longing, hope and actions being put to test while a political border forces a loving couple to spend time apart.
His second project is a video installation, called "Foz meat", shot in Lumbier gorge scenery. His work aims to recreate a hierarchy between animals and humans, the cruelty of nature, as well as, the fragility and tension of hunting and being hunted.
Martin T Raggio is working on a project with scattered static bodies on a dynamic landscape. He would like to portray the human being fragility in nature.
Kaori Iguchi is experimenting with fabrics: Dyeing and creating textures. Kaori's pattern is inspired by the lace worn by a priest in Navarra long time ago; also in the basque mythology.

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