Thursday 19 July 2018


Amanda Selinder, "Intertwined bodies"
Autumn 2018 artists-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54:
Amanda Selinder (Sweden, 1990)

Lucia Marchesin (Italy, 1993)

And curator Gema de Castro Santos (Spain, 1983)

A brief introduction about coming artists-in-residence...

Amanda Selinder, "Intertwined bodies" (up & down photos)

Amanda Selinder is a natural dyer and fiber artist. She works with fermentation processes and cultures of microorganism. She says, she is questioning in her performances, if our body is just an extension of the bacterial culture. Most of her work is related to visualize what we normally don’t see or think about, but, is crucial for the human existence.

Amanda Selinder, "A thin membrane, a pellicle"
Amanda Selinder, "Indigo human body" (up)
"The growing kombucha project" (up) and "Natural dyes performance" (down)

Lucia Marchesin creates ephemeral landart pieces which involve some sort of action.

Lucia Marchesin, "Dehesa project" 
Lucia Marchesin, "Encounter" (down)
Lucia Marchesin, "L'attessa"(up) and "Avvolgimento" (down)

Gema de Castro Santos is interested in working with artists from different nationalities and backgrounds, weaving an art network to form a common idea of support and development of artists. Her work is focused on Time, Communication and Transformation using independent project spaces and galleries.

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