Thursday 25 October 2018


"Horizon 03"30x850 cm fabric at the Lumbier gorge, Lucia Marchesin.
Lucia Marchesin (Italy, 1993) is one of the Autumn artists-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54. She is a land art artist. She is continuing a previous project on the horizon line here, at Lumbier.

Lucia's map. This are all the places she reached... by foot! She made a walking calendar for this Autumn. She has been looking for locations for her project about the horizon line. She says she wants to create something that can reach the same sense of the silence of nature.
Lucia is a super mountain girl (actually, she comes from the Dolomites). The most surprising thing about her process is how nature observation, exercise and art are indissoluble.
The latest she daily leaves home is 8 am. She daily climbs several kilometres effortless.
Lucia doing the horizon line laundry on the terrace.
 Set up at Lumbier gorge.

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