Thursday 10 May 2018


Andrea Rodriguez Vial -artist in residence at Calle Mayor 54- having a video conference with Giulia Gelmini in Italy.

As Andrea Rodriguez Vial arrived and was leaving earlier -to link her residence at Calle Mayor 54 with another one at EKWC, in the Netherlands-, we set a videoconference with Italian curator Giulia Gelmini.
Giulia is the first curator at Calle Mayor 54. The purpose of this encounters is to connect artists with curators. It seems -at least to me-, curators work with institutions and artists too. But, mostly apart, not together; like two parallel roads.
The common thread of their conversation was:
1) The artist statement coherence. Sometimes, artists don't say all it could be said about their work.  Another times, there is not a real match between the artwork and what the artist says. The purpose of sort out this topic, it is just for the artist benefit and own knowledge, and the exercise of re-thinking her/his own concepts and ideas.
2) Having a review of her/his work here, a feedback; plus an article, that later the artist could use to accompany his/her work.
Giulia's approach to artist work it is based on the interview. She made some key questions to have a better understanding and know Andrea's line of work.
Andrea's previous work
Here some notes I took from their conversation:
-Giulia suggested Andrea to research further about "anthropocentrism" (one of her recurrent themes), look for authors, to enrich her artist statement, making it more solid.
-In reference to another Andrea's subject, "extinction", she also suggested to reflect further in the role of nature, the exploitation, and how to enclose this topics in the artwork. Giulia suggested some ideas to develop further a theme on "anthropocentrism", "extinction", as representing the human being control over the animals, as maybe, a political act; or a scene of man and animal together, and so on... But Andrea disagreed, she doesn't like the idea of a narrative art, she prefers to suggest, or just present the sculpture for a freer interpretation. She summarized: "The more I know the human being, the more I love my dog".
Andrea's previous work
-Giulia asked for her technique choice, why ceramics and not other media. Andrea is very enthusiastic about ceramics. For her, clay has no limits, the whole Universe can be represented with it, she said.
Part of Andrea's production at Calle Mayor 54
-About her other geometrical works, Andrea was saying how its production relaxes her, like a mandala, the repetition, looking for shapes, patterns... 
Part of Andrea's production at Calle Mayor 54
Andrea already left Calle Mayor 54. Some weeks later Giulia send her a file with some questions. Now, she is working writing an article.
Thank you both Andrea and Giulia for sharing your work process.

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