Thursday 17 May 2018


Although he lives upstairs, I almost don't see him, he is always in his studio, very committed to his work; we communicate through internet.
He is doing multi layered oil-paintings; about a dozen of canvases or so, in which he applies many coats of colour. It seems a meticulous long process. He has a curious painting technique. All I can tell you by now, it is the images are inspired by the Easter procession.
 Vicepresident Joselito follows artists work with attention and devotion; sometimes, he also tastes it.
 Yugo masters blurry effects. (On the photo, a painting in an early stage)
Sun dried oil-paintings, like the tomatoes.
 I feel he got the main idea: Spanish processions are a really scary live show:
 The Procession...or the Hell?
Enlarged to show detail 
One more layer on the right side.

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