Friday 8 June 2018


Last May, we had first curator-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54.
Giulia Gelmini (Italy, 1993) has a great education related with: art, curatorial studies, art market, communication and fundraising . And, although young, she also has interesting working experience. She spent three days at the house reviewing Yugo Kohrogi's portfolio, and, making questions to understand his work here. It has been a positive experience to have her at Calle Mayor 54. She gave light to several issues. We will definitely invite more curators in future.
Her working method is based on the interview. We found out some things about Yugo's working process, as:
-How he uses a phone application -similar to Photoshop- to inspire the movement, the blurry images he paints.
-He likes to paint the mouth, because it is the gate to the human interior.
-He mixes oil-painting and acrylic, or, at least one over the other.
Soon, you will be able to read here the article she wrote about his work.
If you would like to know more about Giulia Gelmini, you can read her articles in two magazines where she is currently contributor: ATP diary and Made in mindmagazine. 

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